Selling Mineral Rights on Your Land

Mineral Rights

Are you living on property where there might be some minerals? It is one of those things that may seem like a fantasy for people, but it can come true based on where your land is located. It may be an empty plot of land that you bought a few years, or was passed down to you by your family. Or you may have these minerals on the land where you are living right now. In either case, it could present you with a fantastic opportunity to make some good money without having to do much work at all.

How does all this work? Let us explain. What you are going to do is look into how to sell mineral rights to a company or a person who may want to dig on your land to find those minerals. Now before you get confused, we must clarify that you are NOT going to sell the land itself. Whether you have your home on that land, or a business, or nothing – it is your land and it will remain this way. If you agree on a deal to sell your land, it is a separate transaction from what we are speaking about.

What we are referring to is the ability to sell the mineral rights on your land. That means a company or a person can come on your land, with your permission, and dig until they find those minerals. And whatever they find will be theirs to keep. So, what are you getting out of this? You are getting the upfront payment for those rights, which is usually a sizeable amount of money. So, you may want to investigate whether such an arrangement could be made based on any of the properties that you own right now, as it could land you a substantial windfall of money.