Online investment advice tips for new readers


This short financial advisory is designated for the eyes of readers who are venturing into the world of prudent and practical savings and investments for the first time.

It comes with a disclaimer which also serves as a good motivator. The composition here is not from the pen of the accredited and registered to practice investment advisor but does take its cue directly from the experts in the provisioning of proper and qualified savings and investment advice for the layman investor.

The motivation here is to never be discouraged, over-awed or overwhelmed. The need to understand strong investment advice is not an imposing prerogative, but of course, it remains necessary. The strongest and best motivation that any person who understands the imperative of staying invested and secured throughout his life is that it is never too early to start. Strong-willed and single-minded investors do not delay or procrastinate.

They pounce on investment opportunities. But this does not mean that swift action is ill-considered. The skill set of the qualified and accredited investment advisor includes the ability to conduct proactive research and development of new investment opportunities. In line with this, the motivation is to seek out value rather than quick and easy profit taking. The best savings and investment approach taken since time immemorial has always been to take the long-term approach.

In the interim, stocks will, for good reason, deteriorate. The characteristically level-headed and rational thinker does not panic when this happens. No portfolios are drastically affected and over time compound interest sets in. Active investing has always realized above average returns but strong and wise investment advice has always told novices to target the building up of balanced portfolios.

This is a classic case of never placing all eggs in one basket.